Aquatic Plant Control

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  • Pond Oasis™ Aquatic Plant Control is a non-selective contact herbicide that is absorbed by the plant for fast kill of a broad range of aquatic weeds. Labeled for use on:
    • Naiad
    • Bladderwort
    • Watermilfoil
    • Coontail
    • Elodea
    • Pondweeds
    • Pennywort
    • Salvinia
    • Water Hyacinth
    • Water Lettuce
    • Duckweed
    • Cattails  
  • To apply: dilute and spray at label-recommended rates evenly onto nuisance plant
  • Treat early when the weed first begins to show, before flowering
  • Repeat treatments may be needed for troublesome plants like cattails
  • An aquatic use non-ionic surfactant is required for above water surface applications
  • Some water use restrictions do apply.
  • Available in 1 gallon containers
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Read and follow label directions.