Shoreline Plant Control
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shoreline plant control product      
  • Pond Oasis™ Shoreline Plant Control is a non-selective glyphosate-based formulation that can be diluted and sprayed on actively growing weeds. The product is absorbed by the leaves, travels throughout the stem and roots to kill the entire plant.   
    • To apply: dilute and spray as broadcast or spot treatment onto foliage of emerged weeds, woody brush and trees that are actively growing.
      • Annual plants may be treated any time after
      • Perennial plants should be treated after seedheads, flowers or berries appear, for best results
      • Woody brush and trees may not show fully apparent results until the following season       
  • There is no restriction on the use of treated water for irrigation, recreation, or domestic purposes.
  • Available in 1 gallon containers
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Read and follow label directions.